• 11/30/11 WHISTLEBLOWING IN NURSING–Are you REALLY READY to take that step??  If you’ve found yourself in a very difficult situation at work that makes you uncomfortable (i.e., ethical dilemma), and you just know that that the situation is wrong, you may need to report the situation to your employer.  Wait just a minute, though…you need to really prepare yourself and your life for this step.  It can be a life-altering decision and may not have a positive outcome for you–you could lose your job, it could affect your mental and physical well-being and you could be thought of as a troublemaker.   READ THIS ARTICLE FIRST. PERIOD.  http://www.medscape.com/viewarticle/751347?src=mp&spon=24
  • 9/6/11–PUNCTURE, THE MOVIE–about a nurse who suffers a needlestick injury, what happens to her and what REALLY causes it!!  PREMIERES IN SEVERAL US CITIES COMING SOON–WASHINGTON, DC PREMIERE NEXT THURSDAY, SEPT 13TH!! email david@dandell.com to RSVP (copy and paste email address) !!  CLICK ON THE LINK to see the TRAILER   www.puncture-the-movie.com
  • 8/27/11–This posting is courtesy of a nurse educator, Ronda Cushman, RN, MS  at Alfred State University in Alfred, NY.  You can also find info about this on the STTI Website.20-23 October 2011 — Baltimore, Md., USA
    Advancing and Empowering Nurse Educators: Charting a Course for the Future. The 38th Annual National Conference on Professional Nursing Education and Development. In 2011 this annual conference will be 38 years old. It has served as a prominent vehicle for professional nursing educators in academic, entrepreneurial, continuing education and staff development positions to strengthen their roles through learning, sharing and networking. This conference was initiated by a dedicated group of continuing educators, then the American Nurses Association council on continuing education and staff development joined sponsorship. Now it is an itinerant conference sponsored by colleges and universities and medical centers around the country. The overarching goal of excellence in all aspects of professional nursing education has remained throughout. Participants have been rejuvenated and armed with specific plans for action in their own work environments by attending this conference. For more information about this conference and events for the week please e-mail louisa.zullo@villanova.edu
  • 8/27/11–APNA-elearning center http://elearning.apna.org/  There are so many educational offerings to choose from.  CEU’s for psychopharmacology (adult and pedes), counseling those with Tobacco dependence… CHECK IT OUT!    You DO have APNA membership, don’t you???
  • SPRING 2011–BUSINESS BOOK I LOVED LISTENING TO:  Escape from Cubicle Nation, by Pamela Slim.  I bought a hardcover copy of it, too, to serve as a ‘bible’ of sorts while I explore and plan my own ‘escape’.  Find a link to her WEBSITE  in the FRIENDS & LINKS FOOTER!!   She’s my SHE-RO!!

I DO work in a cubicle (again).  I thought I was DONE with that nonsense.  Who decided that this was a good idea?  I guess it does offer some measure of privacy & quiet (although it’s not much).

  • SARITA WRITES, ghostwriter of ALL KINDS of topics, including Nursing Topics!  Find a link to her blog in the FRIENDS & LINKS FOOTER!!

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