SLAPS ‘N’ HUGS–(to people, products, organizations)

  • 11/30/11–BULLYING IN NURSING–not a pretty topic, but one that we have to deal with.  Medscape rises to the challenge with a series of articles about this painful subject.
  • 11/30/11–INCIVILITY IN NURSING–are you experiencing rude and discourteous behavior where you work?  A lot of us are and it’s showing up in lots of different settings

“Nurses eat their young.”  A SLAP to whomever behaved so badly to a colleague that someone needed to make this statement.  Don’t we already have it hard enough without out someone within the ranks upping the difficulty?  Make sure YOU ARE NOT PERPETRATING this NONSENSE and ACT OF NURSING HOSTILITY.

Peace and Kindness are ALWAYS IN FASHION!



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