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Peace and Hair Grease!




I am so very proud to have FINALLY been inducted into this elite group of academics!  It didn’t happen in undergrad, but I only had to wait another 31 years!  Dreams DO come true!!

My husband is a pretty good photographer and caught me at the perfect moment, just as I was getting my Purple and White Honor Cord.
I posed with other members of my family–my husband, my sister, who is also an RN and my mother-in-law who is the unofficial president of my fan club!!

This is the HUGE cake (it was at least two full sheet cakes wide)–there were over 300 inductees!!

Here I am grinning as hard as I can, showing off my new award!!


In April, I was fortunate during my teaching practicum and with the encouragement of HUDON faculty Susan Schwartzman (thanks, Sue!), to attend the Howard University Faculty Senate Luncheon and Awards Ceremony.  One of our very own faculty members, Dr. Mamie C. Montague, was honored with the 2010 Exemplary Teaching Award!  Here’s my photo of her and the other honorees with their awards.  Below that is a link to the article on Howard University’s website, featuring Dr. Montague!  I’m SO PROUD!! She was one of my clinical instructors while I was in undergrad at the (then) College of Nursing, 31 years ago!

This is an excellent feature story about her career as a nurse and educator.  http://www.cetla.howard.edu/featured_teacher/index.html

2nd Annual PADCNETC Conference, Drexel University, Philadelphia, Pa

I  was honored to be a guest of Drexel University College of Nursing and Health Professions for their 2nd Annual Pennsylvania/District of Columbia Nursing Education Technology Collaborative (PADCNETC) Conference, held at the Doubletree Hotel, Philadelphia, PA, May 14, 2010!

I was part of the Howard University Division of Nursing contingent that is in partnership with Drexel to facilitate faculty development in the newer technological strategies for nursing education, through a five year grant from HRSA!

As a part of the Howard University DON faculty this spring semester as a ‘practice teacher’, I was invited to join the conference by Associate Dean, Mary Hill, DSN, RN.  It was a great opportunity to hear about the efforts Drexel is making to update three nursing higher education institutions through this grant.  It was also a great opportunity to network!  Below is a photo of Dr. Hill during her speech.  Drs. Rocky Rockstraw and Linda Wilson are seated at the table next to her.

Drs. Linda Wilson and Leland ‘Rocky’ Rockstraw were excellent hosts for HUDON’s whirlwind 24-hour stay at the Doubletree Hotel, where we were luxuriously cared for!

Here are some of the HUDON faculty during dinner on May 13, 2010:

This is Dr. Hill with Ms. Crystal Waters, MSN, RN

Here I am below with the Dean of the College of Pharmacy, Nursing and Allied Health Science, Dr. Beatrice Adderley-Kelley:

Below, L to R: Dr. Pauline Green, Ms. Susan Schwartzman, MSN, RN (fellow Psych Nurse), and Dr. Adderley-Kelley.

Below, L to R: Dr. Joann Smith (sorry ’bout cutting you in half like that!), Ms. Jacqueline Vincent, MSN, RN (newest faculty member!) and Dr. Eva Stephens.
Ms. Frederica Shepard-Smith, MSN, RN (Learning Resource Center Coordinator)  and Dr. Veronica Clarke-Tasker


Hey!  I’m trying to get my blog ‘certified’ by this organization that reviews medical blogs (askapsychnurse.net is considered a medical blog vs. a patient blog) that meet its standards.  http://medbloggercode.com/ Watch for the icon or logo that signifies it!  That will help legitimize me to other medical bloggers and folks like YOU!  🙂
Peace, Sylvia


I had a really good time today with colleagues, co-students, professors and speakers.  Today’s Main Conference was part of the three-day Institute for Educators in Nursing and Health Professions, Excellence in Teaching Nursing, presented by the University of Maryland, School of Nursing!  I’m so proud, because I am a part of this Institute.  A portion of my Master’s education is through the Institute.

I always sit up front–as close to the instructors as possible, so I can make eye contact with them.  I did it in the Keynote/Endnote Speeches and in each class.  We learned so much and I met and networked with some very nice people, who have allowed me to mention them here ON MY BLOG!  I’M SOOOOO EXCITED!

I was also able to pass the word on to some Psych Nurses in attendance, so I’m hoping they’ll drop by, check the blog out and comment and/or write an article!  Thanks, Psych Educator Colleagues!

I’ve also posted a couple of photos from the conference.  Me between  (on the RIGHT) Institute Co-Director (and one of our professors), Louise Jenkins, PhD, RN and (on the LEFT) my classmate and Institute Poster Presenter, Susan Dukes, Maj, USAF, MA, MS, CCRN, CCNS, RN

Me with Anita Stineman, PhD, RN, a presenter at the Institute.  Her seminar on Pre-Post Clinical Conferences was very informative and I enjoyed it!

FEATURED NURSE EDUCATORS from the Institute for Educators Conference

  • SUSAN BOYER, MEd, RN, FAHCEP, Executive Director of VNIP (Vermont Nurses In Partnership), an organization dedicated to supporting nurse development.  Her organization has initiated a movement to provide curriculum for and regulate nursing preceptorships.  She gave a very energetic lecture–at the Institute for Educators on March 11, 2010.  Check out her website at www.vnip.org!
  • DEBRA WEBSTER, EdD, MS, RNBC, of SALISBURY UNIVERSITY, Salisbury, MD.  She was a Poster Presenter on ‘Addressing Academic Uncivility in Nursing Education’. She can be reached at dawebster@salisbury.edu
  • TRACY BARR, BSN, RN, CEN, TRACY KOSTELEC, BSN, RN, CEN and Monica Nelson at Mercy Medical Center, who were Poster Presenters on ‘Writer’s Block: Improving Nurses’ Professional Writing Skills’.  Their In-House Workshops educated the Mercy Medical Center nurses on Basics, Getting Published, Grant Writing!  20% of their attendees have gotten published!!  This is something I’m very interested in.  I want to become (more) published and learn how to write grants!  Tracy Kostelec can be contacted for more information at tminard@md.mercy.com

It was also a pleasure meeting Julie Cook, MSN/MPH, RN, PHCNS, who works with the Programs of Assertive Community Treatment (PACT) at the University of Maryland Medical System (UMMS)


11/30/11 DOCTOR NURSE?  There is an interesting article on Medscape about the ‘dilemma’ that physicians face when dealing with nurses or other non-MD health practitioners with doctorates.  They are having VERY STRONG REACTIONS to the title of ‘doctor’ being used to address anyone other than an MD, DO, DMD or DDS.  If you regularly read MEDSCAPE and have a login, you can check out the article at http://www.medscape.com/viewarticle/753628?src=mp&spon=24



I’d like to hear from you!  Email me if you’d like to write an article about what you do, what you’ve learned, what you like the Health Reform to do for the Severely and Persistently Mentally Ill (SPMI).  Fresh ideas are always welcome!