NURSE EDUCATORS–Wherever you’re located! Hospital, Clinic, Universities, Colleges

This posting is courtesy of a nurse educator, Ronda Cushman, RN, MS  at Alfred State University in Alfred, NY.  You can also find info about this on the STTI Website.

20-23 October 2011 — Baltimore, Md., USA
Advancing and Empowering Nurse Educators: Charting a Course for the Future. The 38th Annual National Conference on Professional Nursing Education and Development. In 2011 this annual conference will be 38 years old. It has served as a prominent vehicle for professional nursing educators in academic, entrepreneurial, continuing education and staff development positions to strengthen their roles through learning, sharing and networking. This conference was initiated by a dedicated group of continuing educators, then the American Nurses Association council on continuing education and staff development joined sponsorship. Now it is an itinerant conference sponsored by colleges and universities and medical centers around the country. The overarching goal of excellence in all aspects of professional nursing education has remained throughout. Participants have been rejuvenated and armed with specific plans for action in their own work environments by attending this conference. For more information about this conference and events for the week please e-mail


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