HUMOR HELPS–Jokes, Funny Stories from Your Practice Area, Cartoons–I know you’ve got some ‘in’ you!

laughing faceOk, ok–I’ll start.

When I was fairly new to Critical Care Nursing–within the first 2 years, we had a recidivist patient by the name of ‘Carrie’ (name changed to protect the resemblance to someone living or dead!).  Carrie had COPD from living near Pennsylvania’s coal mines as a child/young adult.  By the time I met her, she was in her 60’s.  She would be on a ventilator and would ‘push’ for us to ‘give’ her higher and higher concentrations of O2, even though (at that time anyway) we knew that it wouldn’t help her situation.  She would open and close her mouth like a fish does when swimming and she’d mouth, “I…need…more…airrrrr!!!” It was all very dramatic. This would usually occur soon after she had self-extubated, despite soft wrist restraints.

She was also a petite woman and VERY limber. Somehow, even with restraints on, she would get her fingers up to the endotrachial tube and pull until it was OUT!  Despite putting the head of her bed up at a 45° angle, we’d often find her scooted all the way down in the bed!! We finally figured out that’s how she got the leverage to do it.  Or else, she’d find a way to use her FEET!!  It never ceased to amaze me how she’d ‘done it again’!!  After we called the anesthesiologist or the surgical resident to reintubate her, she always looked so self-satisfied afterwards and would smirk at us when we’d reprimand her!  Sometimes all we could do would be to shake our heads at her.   Another ‘Carrie’ Story to come soon…

Your turn to make me laugh!! ‘Humor Helps’ us get through the trying times!

Giggles To Ya!!  😀



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