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Have you ever been a victim of violence in your workplace?  Psychiatric nurses and ED nurses can be repeatedly subjected to this trauma, due to the instability of the patients in their care.  Those suffering from psychiatric disorders and/or substance use disorders or those who are delirious and mobile can wreak havoc on your unit and endanger the staff and the other patients.  Sometimes it’s the family members of the patients who act out their frustrations.

What have you witnessed or been a victim of?  How have you dealt with it?  Was the institution you were working for at the time supportive of you and the potential for additional violence?  Did they put measures into place to make the environment more safe for you and your colleagues and the patients?  What measures were instituted?  Were they sufficient to help you feel safer?  Are you still working there?  Did you leave because of the potential for additional trauma to you or others near you?  Was anyone (a nurse or patient) seriously hurt or killed before changes were made to improve security features?

What would you like to see happen?  Check out these links below for more information.



SPEAKING OF NURSING VICTIMS OF VIOLENCE…Did anyone see last night’s GREY’S ANATOMY?  A very large man was agitated by his injury(?) and began beating up on the ED staff and repeatedly kicked and pummeled a very small man (with the cushioned end of a crutch), who had recently been a patient there.  Of course, ED security force never showed up and Dr. Hunt (new chief of surgery) swooped in with his WHITE COAT and rescued the ED with a left cross to the violent man’s jaw, breaking it.  This is another level of the problem–staff-on-patient violence (despite how justified it may have been)–which complicates the issue even further.  My fear about this is that non-medical people watching the show may feel that this is what routinely happens in EDs when people lose control of their anger/frustration…but I digress 🙂

Looking for feedback from Educators, Clinical Specialists, Nurse Practitioners, Staff Nurses!  What are the trends you’re seeing in Psychiatric Nursing these days?


I had a really good time today with colleagues, co-students, professors and speakers.  Today’s Main Conference was part of the three-day Institute for Educators in Nursing and Health Professions, Excellence in Teaching Nursing, presented by the University of Maryland, School of Nursing!  I’m so proud, because I am a part of this Institute.  A portion of my Master’s education is through the Institute.

I always sit up front–as close to the instructors as possible, so I can make eye contact with them.  I did it in the Keynote/Endnote Speeches and in each class.  We learned so much and I met and networked with some very nice people, who have allowed me to mention them here ON MY BLOG!  I’M SOOOOO EXCITED!

I was also able to pass the word on to some Psych Nurses in attendance, so I’m hoping they’ll drop by, check the blog out and comment and/or write an article!  Thanks, Psych Educator Colleagues!

I’ve also posted a couple of photos from the conference.  Me between  (on the RIGHT) Institute Co-Director (and one of our professors), Louise Jenkins, PhD, RN and (on the LEFT) my classmate and Institute Poster Presenter, Susan Dukes, Maj, USAF, MA, MS, CCRN, CCNS, RN

Me with Anita Stineman, PhD, RN, a presenter at the Institute.  Her seminar on Pre-Post Clinical Conferences was very informative and I enjoyed it!


Are you:

  • In a psychiatric hospital (state or privately owned/operated)?
  • At an outpatient clinic
  • In a community health setting
  • Working for a mental health managed care company or the mental health divsion of a managed care company?
What settings have you liked? Hated?  What would you want to change?
I wanna hear from you!
Peace, Sylvia


How many of you have joined specialty organizations in the past?  Have you kept your membership current?  Why not?  What organizations have you joined?

I joined the BNA GWDCA (Black Nurses Association of the Greater Washington, DC Area) yesterday and HAD A BALL!  I networked and it felt GOOD!  I’ve attached some photos …ENJOY!

TOP PHOTO–Past Nurse of the Year Honorees–1981-2009!

Howard University Division of Nursing Senior Student, Erica Davis receives a Dr. Johnella Banks Memorial Scholarship!!

Millicent Gorham, Executive Director, National Black Nurses Association with me at our table!


Post your nursing jokes, funny stories from your practice area or comics–We gotta keep laughing at ourselves and the situations we find ourselves in–YOU know what I’m talkin’ ’bout!