I got my HBCE BADGE!! YAY!!


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As of December 2010, I am the EXTREMELY PROUD holder of a Master of Science in Nursing Administration with a Certificate in Teaching in the Health Professions!!!!  YAYYYYY MEEEEEEE!!

This is a photo of me minutes after learning I would graduate!!

Now that I finally have the degree, I’ve got to figure out what I want to do with it!  I’m rather open to suggestions, recommendations and job offers (not-so-subtle ‘hint-hint’), etc!  I will be working towards my certification as a nurse executive within the next 8-9 months.  I want to do some educational consultation, and teach at the university level at some point.

I have been certified as a Professional Legal Nurse Consultant for two years, but haven’t been able to pursue it because of school.  I’m ready to get that going and get an additional stream of income flowing!  PLNC!

I will continue to pursue my love of writing and expressing myself through other media. I want other psych nurses to see my blog and contribute and post, since I believe it’s the only one I’ve found dedicated to psychiatric nursing.  We can make it bigger and better!

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Hey!  I’m trying to get my blog ‘certified’ by this organization that reviews medical blogs (askapsychnurse.net is considered a medical blog vs. a patient blog) that meet its standards.  http://medbloggercode.com/ Watch for the icon or logo that signifies it!  That will help legitimize me to other medical bloggers and folks like YOU!  🙂
Peace, Sylvia


How many of you have joined specialty organizations in the past?  Have you kept your membership current?  Why not?  What organizations have you joined?

I joined the BNA GWDCA (Black Nurses Association of the Greater Washington, DC Area) yesterday and HAD A BALL!  I networked and it felt GOOD!  I’ve attached some photos …ENJOY!

TOP PHOTO–Past Nurse of the Year Honorees–1981-2009!

Howard University Division of Nursing Senior Student, Erica Davis receives a Dr. Johnella Banks Memorial Scholarship!!

Millicent Gorham, Executive Director, National Black Nurses Association with me at our table!

About Me

Sylvia B. Ratliff-Trappio, MS, RN is the Owner/Founder of GIATI CONSULTING and AskAPsychNurse.net (AAPN.net). She has been an RN for over thirty years. Her experience has run the gamut from staff nurse and charge nurse in Critical Care and in Psychiatry and Substance Abuse to Behavioral Case Management and Telephonic Psychiatric/SA Referrals to Head Nurse in Psychiatry to Nurse Manager in a Psychiatric Outpatient setting. Since 2009, she has been a Surveyor of public and privately run mental health clinics, authorized by the DC Department of Mental Health. She was in management for nine years and likes it enough (even with its inherent headaches) to pursue it academically.

Sylvia is an alumna of Howard University College of Nursing (now known as the College of Pharmacy, Nursing and Allied Health Sciences at Howard University). She has a Master’s degree in Nursing Administration with a Teaching in the Health Professions Certificate, a 2010 alumna of the University of Maryland, Baltimore, School of Nursing (UMB/SON). She returned to school at age forty-eight, after a twenty-seven year absence! She was inducted into the Pi Chapter of Sigma Theta Tau International, the Nursing Honor Society in May 2010. This is a dream-deferred for 31 years!!

Sylvia is also a motivational speaker, prioritization and health education consultant. She has entrepreneurial aspirations, as well.  “I enjoy passing on my knowledge and wisdom to others and I get a charge out of seeing peoples’ faces light up when they ‘get’ it!”

Her current philosophies are: Use your MANNERS, Live the GOLDEN RULE, Pursue your DREAMS, De-clutter your LIFE and Don’t Fight It…USE It!

Sylvia is married and lives with her husband and son.         
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