As of December 2010, I am the EXTREMELY PROUD holder of a Master of Science in Nursing Administration with a Certificate in Teaching in the Health Professions!!!!  YAYYYYY MEEEEEEE!!

This is a photo of me minutes after learning I would graduate!!

Now that I finally have the degree, I’ve got to figure out what I want to do with it!  I’m rather open to suggestions, recommendations and job offers (not-so-subtle ‘hint-hint’), etc!  I will be working towards my certification as a nurse executive within the next 8-9 months.  I want to do some educational consultation, and teach at the university level at some point.

I have been certified as a Professional Legal Nurse Consultant for two years, but haven’t been able to pursue it because of school.  I’m ready to get that going and get an additional stream of income flowing!  PLNC!

I will continue to pursue my love of writing and expressing myself through other media. I want other psych nurses to see my blog and contribute and post, since I believe it’s the only one I’ve found dedicated to psychiatric nursing.  We can make it bigger and better!

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Merry ChristmasHanukkahKwanzaa and Happy New Year!!



5 comments on “I’M DONE!!

  1. Woohoo! Congrats sistah Sylvia! I so wish we were in Maryland to celebrate with you! This is huge!!!!!! The first advanced degree in both our immediate families!!!

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